Cross-channel & Digital Strategy

E-commerce performance and digital transformation

Digital strategy

  • Channel prioritisation and strategic roles
  • Investments planning and growth planning
  • Business model digitalisation

Cross channel retail modeling

  • Products and services, prices, traffic: comprehensive strategic alignment
  • Cross-channel customer behaviour and motivation
  • E-commerce performance levers, digital marketing


  • Strategic plan and business transformation
  • Cross-business alignment of operating processes and staff skills
  • Support tools / service providers

In-store digital experience

  • Store use of cross-channel integration facilities
  • Fully integrated customer experience
  • Selection of digital solutions
E-commerce strategy
Connected Store
Multi-channel strategy

Experts’ insight

"It's not enough to claim that the future will be multi-channel. That's far too simplistic. Indeed, retail executives need to balance many facets. It is impossible at the same time to boost website traffic and sales, improve user functions and develop cross-channel integration across the network.  There is a balance to compete with pure players whilst protecting margins, investing in digital competencies without raising central costs, and to motivate local staff without financial reward. Today, click & mortar retailers have impressive advantages against e-commerce pure players, but they need to use these advantages wisely. Clients find our digital expertise is vital and relevant …especially our ability to reconcile online performance factors against retail operational and economic performance indicators.”

Eric LEBAILLY Directeur Associé

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