Customer relation strategy

Customer relation strategy for E. Leclerc, a leader of the French food market with a turnover of €47 billion.



Although an historical winner of the ‘battle for the customer’, E. Leclerc had not yet deployed an effective customer relationship strategy. This needed competence to embrace societal shifts (relationships, horizontality and service requests), new disruptive competition and new digital tools like traffic budgets and C.R.M. software. The project grew into a mini cultural and organisational revolution.


- Definition of the brand’s relational positioning.
- Identification of the market evidence and winning customer offers.
- Evaluation of costs and technical prerequisites for new C.R.M. including Informatic services, databases, sills and competence.
- Prioritisation of work and detailed roadmaps for all 13 subprojects.


This was a specific mission to unlock internal challenges, followed by detailed technical and economic coaching for 13 subsidiary projects. It became a 2-stage journey over 4 months. Constant validation came from the Strategic Committee as the decision-making structure of E.Leclerc.


Established alignment of complex Directors’ visions and interests. Obtained full support for the policy, methods and costs in less than 3 months. This removed a legacy business challenge that had spread over several years. The new strategy is deployed.

Optimisation of Lagardère Group's Relay business model (Travel Retail division)

Lagardère Travel Retail, €1.7 billion turnover, 1,000 stores in France and abroad


Relay, a flagship brand of the Lagardère Travel Retail group, which must adapt to changes in purchasing behaviour and customer attitudes in stations and airports in a context of digitalisation and connected mobility... How to develop its concept? How can we continue to make it more attractive? How to increase profitability and turnover per square meter? How to improve the ROI of stores' investments?


Diamart Consulting carried out in-depth work on the market, offers, segmentation of points of sale, commercial and economic performance, progress and short and medium-term prospects. For each of the major directions of the offer (Travel, Food, Magazines & Books and Souvenirs), we set up a progressive collaborative approach with the teams in order to redefine the role and weight of the universes in the new concept. We have also defined a new segmentation of stores according to different criteria (large or small station, public or reserved area, international or national, etc.). The DIAMART concept team then developed the different store models with an optimisation of all the key variables: identity, general layout, signage, merchandising for each of the universes and animations.


18 months of intensive support
- An initial 8-month phase enabled a target business model to be defined (offer, merchandising, etc.) and a detailed virtual model of the concept to be presented at the Lagardère Travel Retail international convention.
- A second phase of 6 months consisted of moving from the model to a technical specification leading to a prototype (to obtain COMEX validation).


- Positive reception of the Relay Next Generation concept by the French and international teams
- Acceleration of the demand for international pilots (Poland, Spain)
- Development of turnover and REX per square metre
- Better control of CAPEX and improved ROI of store investment
- Great flexibility in implementing the concept (size, configuration, location) and co-branding configurations (Monoprix corner, Fnac, etc.).

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