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Digital Boosters

Accelerating digital projects, a possibility ! Provided that we decide quickly, embrace the correct methodologies and rely on the right skills
It's our job.
It's time.
It's Now...
Associate directors: Olivier Godart & Cécile Agbo

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Bringing together Retail and Innovation

At the heart of the retail & tech ecosystem, Diamart Connect deciphers the technological changes in distribution and trade, facilitates exchanges between retail and innovation and supports brands and retailers in their search for new partners.
MD: Michel Koch

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Training programmes and coaching to build tomorrow’s retail jobs

Key know-how for retailers includes constant judgement of category management and marketing plans, now fully integrated with new skills for digital data and technology. Our business experts deliver inter and intra-company training. Synergies between Diamart Consulting and Diamart Academy guarantees precise training programmes that fit the critical needs of your company. Improving teams’ performance is central to what we do. MD: Ludovic Lanoue

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An international network of retail consulting companies all over the world.

Ebeltoft Group is a global alliance of retail consulting firms. We have more than 25 years’ experience and a vast global network of 20 retail consultancies. Ebeltoft Group brings together global expertise with your local experts to build market relevant solutions for retailers. Chairman: Dorte Willer (DK)

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