Commercial model optimisation

Demanding markets rely on crucial offer and price accuracy. The precision of adjustment determines profitability. Despite deployment of digital technology enforcing layers of standard processes, implementation and adjustment for local markets remain critical. By combining a deep understanding of customer demands and profit levers, Diamart helps brands optimise their commercial model and tailor each point of sale.

Accurate segmentation of an independent sales network and optimisation of products offered by independent retailers.

Sport 2000. Ranked as n°4 in France with 240 stores. €610 million turnover in France and €5,1 billion worldwide.


- Sport 2000’s products are very diverse, matching customers who enjoy different sports on mountains, within a city or on a beach. Brand recognition and reputation differs for each sport and for local customers. The challenge is to adjust each local point of sale to maximise their revenue. What is the trade-off between categories? Which brand to promote for each point of sale? Which is the potential additional turnover?


- Segmentation of retail outlets according to predictive factors of “fair assortment”.
- Modelling of the performance factors through market segments. - Identification of independent stores through sectors.
- Product mixtures not accepted by independent stores.


Delivering factual analysis of each store and point of sale revenue. Working with staff and management to understand qualitative performance. Generating a 360° effective report for the business, including product design, marketing, management and purchasing.


- Acceptance from the Board of detailed results and analysis.
- Data published for independent store segmentation and orientation of the sales offers by segment.
- A ready-to-use tool for adjustment of offers declined by independent stores.

Optimisation of web and in-store pricing

King Jouet, French distributor of games and toys, more than 200 stores in France, Switzerland and Belgium (€275 million turnover in 2019).


King Jouet, a major actor in the toy industry, where the majority of the annual turnover is made at the end of the year, asks itself the question of how to reduce the existing price differentials vs. the competition (pure-players, GSA, GSS, Amazon), while preserving its margins.


- Gap analysis with competitors and definition of a new pricing strategy (channel priority, differentiation of pricing according to price sensitivity, etc.).
- Drafting of functional and technical specifications
- Adaptation of the decision-making process
- Development and testing of a tailor-made application
- Training and support in use


A very tight schedule (6 months) with the objective of deploying the software solution before the season. A mission carried out in close collaboration with the King Jouet teams to meet the challenges and specificities of the brand.


- An ad hoc solution, very user friendly, producing weekly price recommendations by reference and simulating the impact of turnover and margin
- An application deployed in several European countries to industrialise price management
- An increase in market share with preservation of margins in a tense market

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