Transformation of a retailer to be ready for expansion


- Gifi is a brand leader of affordable products for a home. The company was not effectively managing a complex structure for all stages of the value chain. Over 400 stores relied on inefficient product sourcing, marketing and management data. The business needed to be robust enough to add a further 600 stores.
- In order to boost turnover, E.B.I.T.D.A. and staff loyalty, Gifi group launched an ambitious transformation project over nearly 4 years.


- Complete diagnostic of the organisation, operations, methods, staff and group’s strategy.
- Identification of the principal scope for change and improvement.
- Definition and prioritisation of the principal work and detailed roadmaps.
- Engagement and motivation alignment of the principal leaders and teams.
- Deployment of strong support for the changes.


- A long-term project to support a cultural change and to transform a “precarious” organisation.
- A 4-year engagement split into different steps. Focus ranged from reorganisation of commercial and marketing management to review of Asian suppliers.


- A transformed organisation with a fresh culture driven by commercial results.
- Clear and transparent processes that simplify teamwork.
- Strong company structures suitable for robust expansion into new retail stores.

Definition and implementation methods

Markets are increasingly complex. Retailers juggle analysis of competitors, installation of new concepts, shorter sale cycles and deployment of complex digital technology.

Retailer tasks are changing beyond recognition, but remain pragmatic and straightforward.

Diamart supports retailers in the definition and implementation of change.

Implementation of category management for a leader in travel retail

Lagardère Travel Retail, €1,7 billion of turnover, 1.000 sales outlets in France and worldwide.


- In a particularly complex environment (multi-category, multi-country, multi-formats, multi-brands), addressing various purchase scenarios and clients, which methods are effective for category management?
- How to adapt historically useful category management procedures to meet evolving customer demands?
- How to support new skills and motive staff to support effective implementation of the methods?


- Immersion in your business. This is crucial for joint detailed understanding of jobs and your tailored retail models. We avoid “copy-paste” solutions.
- Audit of current categorical process including methods, data, tools, staff and materials.
- Jointly design and deploy new methods alongside category managers. Integrate all new adjustments with key services for management, operations and marketing.
- Individual coaching for every category manager and team leader.


A project of at least 3 months working together to design and deliver new methods and macro categorical process. Train and deploy category managers and section leaders for 12 months, supporting them through a full product cycle.


- Offer strategies approved and deployment of categorical process are ‘live’ on time
- Responsibility for new methods claimed by your staff.
- Adjustment and regular validation of internal and external processes. Aligned teams, shared strategies, simplified integration between back and front office.
- More effective management proved by sharing good practices and higher productivity.

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