Marketing & Customer Relationships

Customer strategies and loyalty programs; identify, motivate and develop loyal customers

Customer intelligence

  • Profiling and segmentation of the customer base
  • Data analysis to optimize the business model

Customer relationship strategies

  • Customer relationship value proposition
  • Differentiated customer policies
  • Cross-channel behaviour and experience

Economics management

  • Customer base value management
  • CRM investments and profitability

Relationship marketing

  • Loyalty programs
  • Multi-channel promotional plans
  • Campaign effectiveness & performance analysis

CRM tools

  • User needs business approach
  • Support for software / service providers


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Experts’ insight

Most companies have loyalty schemes structured as reward cards and direct marketing programs with little personalisation. Today, integrated and cross-channel CRM programs are key to guarantee a smooth customer experience stimulated with personalised inputs.

Likewise, the customer knowledge acquired through the programs needs to be valued and shared across the company and to guide decision-making.

Our clients want us to be highly strategic - to achieve a customer-centric approach - and to be very results-driven, as customer relationship marketing directly raises both traffic and revenues."

Eric LEBAILLY Directeur Associé

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