Positioning & Business modeling

Product, price and customer experience... How to maximize customer preferences?


  • Company vision and inspirational benchmarks
  • Retail network and policy auditing
  • Network segmentation and performance modeling


  • Retailer mission and positioning
  • Business model changes
  • War games / simulation models (competences, economics, key success factors)

Business Modelling

  • Products, prices, services, customer relationship management, merchandising,...
  • Development roadmaps
  • Format customisation


  • Service providers’ brief (agency, IT,...)
  • Roll-out plans
  • Change management
Brand repositioning
Price-image strategy review
Merchant & customer-oriented agency

Experts’ insight

"Retail is detail. What really matters is understanding the dynamics of customer preference, building a retail model in which every element and detail is based on these factors. Coherence is critical. In order to be successful, companies must comprehensively understand customer choice, be brave in differentiating their retail offering, and deliver operational excellence to implement this vision. Retail is in the detail."

Ludovic LANOUE Directeur Associé

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