Strategy & Growth

Growth - Internationalisation, new formats or innovation?

Boost innovation

  • Market outlooks
  • Development of new concepts
  • Continuous change and invention
  • Route to Market
  • Selection of distribution channels
  • Management of distribution channels
  • Launch strategies

Going Global

  • Definition of international ambition and strategy
  • Strategy at National level: entry by tailored concepts
  • Create then operate local successes

Strategic planning

  • Selection and priority of triggers for growth
  • Evaluation of businesses with new market opportunities (M&A, new market entries,...)
  • Strategic and Business Transformation Plans
Multi-format and multi-channel strategy definition (Drive…)
Commercial strategy review for 8 European countries
Retail Downstream integration (Algeria, Philippines, Morocco,...)

Experts’ insight

"In the mature and low-growth markets in Western Europe, retailers can no longer trust an expansion strategy on a single country set of rules.  New formats, new channels, new countries, new markets—where is the focus? How to manage different growth levers? What are the key success factors?

External growth is not the only purpose of long term leadership; it’s also important that business models are re-invented. Clients ask us to help them to be more innovative, to remain "forever young” for their customers.”


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